What is it like to work in an indie game studio? Who are the people behind Optimystic Labs? We would like you to meet our team, who will answer these questions (and more!) in a new blog series, starting this week.

In this first episode, we’re happy to introduce Yolène, our Marketing & Community Manager.

Can you tell us what’s your role on the team?

Sure! I’m responsible for marketing and communications. While my job involves a lot of different things, my main focus at the moment is to spread the word about Project Kea and build up a community. If you contact us on Twitter or Facebook, you will most likely get in touch with me!

How did you get into the gaming industry?

I love video games and I grew up playing them but I haven’t seriously considered working on games until a long time. It was always a dream but the kind of dream you never expect to reach! In college, I realized I could work with games and I have done my internships in that field, which led me to Optimystic Labs today.

What are your favorite games?

This is hard to decide. I really like games with a fascinating, deep story and beautiful art style. Some of my favorites are Journey and Life is a Strange for their story. I also have a love-hate relationship with Dota 2. I’ve been playing and really enjoying the game for years but at some point it started to get super time-consuming. Now I just watch esports, which is much more relaxing!

What excites you the most about Project Kea?

What I really like about our project is the richness of the world we’re building. It’s a world where magic and technology coexist in an intelligent manner (no spoilers – we’ll tell you more about Kea’s magic soon). I’m also extremely fond of the idea of drawing parallels with our own world, and discussing societal topics through the modern-fantasy genre. Being the “spokesperson” on our social networks promises to be extremely fun :).